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The Approach

I am a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in movement-based solutions for kids and adults to increase focus and learning-readiness and decrease anxiety. I was (and continue to be!) inspired by my teenage son who has an ADHD diagnosis.

I draw from several disciplines in my program, including educational kinesiology, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and rhythmic movement therapy. I also incorporate static and dynamic stretching, as well as isometric strength training.

I designed my program to use intentional movement to move thought processing out of the “survival” parts (stem and limbic) and getting it up to the “thinking” part (executive function), affecting changes in the neuropathways of the brain. This has been done for centuries through tai chi, yoga, and martial arts. But, unlike these disciplines, many of the movements I teach can be done very discreetly, even while sitting at a desk.

I place a special emphasis on self-awareness/-evaluation and self-determination. My client, regardless of age, must learn to evaluate the state of their brain and body and then decide which of the moves they feel would bring them focus and relaxation.