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"We are very satisfied ... and our daughter is proud of her accomplishments"

We sought out Michele's expertise for help with our 11 year-old daughter. She is a good student who does well on daily assignments but she was having anxiety related to test-taking and her grade would often not reflect what she knew. She also had similar anxiety before her piano recitals. She would play perfectly at home but then make simple mistakes due to nervousness. Michele did a thorough evaluation of our daughter and we learned some interesting things about how her brain takes in and comprehends information. This greatly improved study time at home and has changed the way we help her with her homework. At each visit, Michele taught and reinforced tools for her to use when studying and before a test to calm her anxiety and integrate both sides of her brain for better focus and performance. She also showed her which ones to use before her piano recitals to calm her nerves and she is able to play as beautifully as she does at home! Overall, we are very satisfied with the results and our daughter is proud of her accomplishments. - C.K., St. Charles, IL


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