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Q. What are the ages of your clients?

A. My typical client is as young as 3rd grade to adult. I will consider a younger client on a case-by-case basis.


Q. Does your client need an ADHD diagnosis?

A. No. Anyone who feels they would like to have better focus, be more learning-ready, and be more calm and less anxious would benefit from these mind-body movements.


Q. Do I need to stop my ADHD or anti-anxiety medication?

A. I do not make any recommendations for or against medication. That is strictly your personal decision.


Q. What are these “moves” like?

A. I draw from a number of disciplines so that I may customize a program for your particular needs and goals. They include EFT (“tapping”), Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), educational kinesiology, rhythmic movement therapy, isometric strength training, dynamic and static stretches, and more. Many are discreet enough to be done a desk in a classroom in order to reduce anxiety and get learning-ready. Some require a facilitator. These have proved to be wonderful bonding opportunities between parents and children.


Q. Where do we meet?

A. I prefer to meet wherever the client feels most comfortable. If that’s at home, the space must be free of distracting noise and activity, and large enough for dynamic stretching.


Q. How many times do we meet?

A. For most people, three to 12 sessions is the right amount of time to teach them all the skills they need to have better focus and learning-readiness and decrease anxiety. For teen and adult clients, it may be as few as three sessions.


Q. How often do we meet?

A. For most people, once a week will be ideal. However, we can meet more or less frequently in order to accommodate our schedules.